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Any Game, Any System

To doesn't matter if you're looking to find a group for Destiny, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Team Fortress, GTA V or Ark. LFGer was designed from the ground up make finding players for any game easy, you can filter everything based on systems and game for easy access to the things you're looking for.

Mobile first

Immediate results matter when you want to play, which is why LFGER is mobile first. All player requests happen in app, and messaging on each of the three major platforms, PC/Steam, PSN, XBOX One, all from within the app via browser. Don't worry though, we'll never ask for any of your login info.

New Features that you want

Let us know how you would want to see LFGER evolve, best way to get a hold of us, Twitter. We can be found @lfg3r.


Gaming together is a lot more fun (i.e see video below), but in game mechanics to match gamers aren't always there, we're trying to fix that.

Game on, gamer.

While game developers have invested time and money into pushing the boundaries of what can be done graphically and storytelling wise, the social interactions within gaming worlds have been largely left unattended. From MMO (massive multiplayer online) games to console multiplayer games, the gamer is relegated to random match ups, looking online for groups of people to play with or standing around in game for hours using inefficient looking for a group (LFG) tools. We're here to change that.

- SWARM Skunkworks